Care and Maintenance

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your wooden floor looking attractive for years to come. Cleaning wooden floors used to be a chore. The traditional way is to use a mop and a bucket with a general household cleaner mixed with water. Not any more!
With new Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, you just spray
the floor and wipe it clean.

Because wood is different from other flooring materials, it requires special cleaning and maintenance products to retain its beauty. Bona has the complete answer: the Bona floor care range, based on Bona’s 80 years’ experience of taking care of wooden floors. Professional flooring contractors, cleaning companies and architects rely on our products because they are made especially for wooden floors.

Floors treated with waterbased sealers

floors treated with oil based sealers

tools and applicators

Some simple tips to avoid damage
• Don’t clean wooden floors with a wet mop. Too much water can cause the floor to swell, warp or turn grey. • Don’t use wax, soap or other household cleaners on wooden floors coated with finish. They can dull the floor’s finish.
• Don’t let sand, dirt or grit build up. They can act like sandpaper: abrading and dulling your floor finish. • Vacuum or sweep your floors regularly. Once every week is recommended.
• Remove spills promptly using your Bona Mop and Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. • Place mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit. Use rugs in high traffic pathways, at the ends of stairs and near doorways. Avoid rubber backing or non-ventilated rugs.
• Use protective pads or caps on furniture. • Trim your pet’s claws. Proper claw trimming helps avoid scratches and gouges.