Flooring Adhesives

Bondstick has a full range of suitable flooring adhesives systems. For the best possible results, it is vital that the correct information and products are used when installing a floor. Please contact our sales office for specifications and advice to avoid any issues. All flooring installations are to adhere strictly to SAWLFA standards and practices, always used qualified craftsman for installations.


Bondstick Hydrabond

A 1 part Hybrid adhesive based on Silane/polyurethane. Offering a excellent adhesion for various applications. Packed in a 600ml sausage for cord bonding systems. Used on Eng. flooring and solid wood floors. Now also supplied in 15kg buckets for full bond applications.


R820 – Full Silane based adhesive. Latest technology and the best possible results. Adapted for speed and quality.


Water based acrylic based product exclusively used for adhering wooden blocks. Quick drying and easy application. Best suited for new blocks


2K PU epoxy used for flooring installations. Extremely versatile and economical. Easy to use and apply. Available in 6kg and 36kg kits. Ideal for small engineered flooring jobs and repairs and parquet flooring


strong durable single component acrylic adhesive exclusively designed for the installation of Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Planks.

Moisture Vapours

It is strongly advised to use a moisture barrier prior to installing any wooden flooring products. Please contact our sales office for correct specifications. A vapour barrier assistance in limiting moisture migration through the screed. It does not waterproof a floor.


Our 2k WB epoxy system is easy to use and apply with a roller. After mixing the product it is applied at 1-2 coats. Possible to start installation 2-3 hrs after application.

1K solvent free vapour barrier

Easy to use 1K vapour barrier – applied with a roller and quick drying Possible to start installation within 2 hrs of application

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