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We have been the official distributors for the Bona range in the Western Cape since 2000. The full bona range can be viewed at www.bona.com/en

Our timber coatings are divided into 3 basic types. Waterbased , oil based , solvent based. For more information on any of these products. Please call us on 021 535 0056.


Water Based Range


  • bona resident plus
  • bona novia
  • bona mega
  • bona traffic and bona traffic HD



Nanolac 8 A PU water based floor coating – avaiable in a 1k and 2k application for residential and medium commercial uses. Come in a ultra matt , matt and satin finish. Application is only 2 coats. So possible to finish a floor in one day
Nanolac 7 A PU/acrylic water based product designed for furniture and wood products. Finish comes in ultra matt. Matte and Satin. Water based coating 2-3 coats applied. The product gives an extremely natural look.
Nanolac 6 Water based coloring system. Spray or roller application staining and priming system. Translucent and opaque colors available
Nanolac 5 Waterbased Pu acrylic blend floor coating. High solid content product imported from Denmark. Warm appearance and easy to apply. Available in matt satin and gloss. Hard wearing and durable
Rystic Locally made Waterbased acrylic floorcoating – in matt or gloss
Acrithane 2k epoxy system A waterbased 2k epoxy coating available in clear or white and also tint able. Durable and UV resistant. For Exterior or interior uses. Possible to use on both wood and cement surfaces.

Oil Based Products


  • bona oil 90
  • bona hardwax
  • bona create stains
  • bona deck oil



We have a Danish oil range based on the tried and tested Danish oil. Low VOC for interior uses as well as a food grade oil for kitchens and chopping boards. Available in clear or with a tint.

Bondstick oil stains – We stock a wide range of oil based wood stains and primers. Extremely versatile and easy to use.Ranging in color and solid content. Used to stain or age most timber. This product can be Overcoated with clear oils or with certain waterbased sealers


V4 floor varnish a 1 part pu varnish available in matt satin gloss, simple application and cost effective
Floorgleem 2 part quick drying floor varnish. Satin and gloss finish
Plascon purecoat polyurethane high gloss floor varnish
Marine varnish high gloss for exterior timber


Deck guard a penetrating wood sealer, oil based. Available in various colours and clear
Timber guard exterior timber varnish protection. In various colours.
Danish deck oil a range of clear and tinted deck oils. Used for all exterior timbers
Exterior timber dips used to dip garage doors, window frames, gates and fence poles.


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