Flooring adhesives


For the best possible results it is vital that the correct information and products are used when installing a floor.
Please contact our sales office for specifications and advice to avoid any issues. 

The basic products and information are the following.

Bona range
A silane terminated range of adhesives. Latest technology and the best possible results. Adapted for speed and quality.
The full range and information is available at:

Polyurethane low modulas adhesive
1 part polyurethane adhesive packed in a 600ml sausage for cord bonding systems. Used on eng flooring and solid wood floors.

Parquet adhesive:
waterbased acrylic based product exclusively used for adhesing wooden blocks Quick drying and easy application

bitumen based block adhesive. Reliable and easy to use.

2k polyurethane epoxy adhesive –
2 part PU epoxy used for flooring installations. Extremely versatile and economical. Easy to use and apply. Available in 6kg and 36kg kits. Ideal for small engineered flooring jobs and repairs

Vinyl adhesive
High tack vinyl adhesive.For vinyl tile and vinyl sheet applications.

Moisture barriers

With our extremely high water table here in the western cape, it is strongly advised to use a moisture barrier prior to installing any wooden flooring products. Please contact our sales office for correct specifications

Bona range
Silane and polyurethane based moisture barriers
R540 and R580
By using the R580 in conjunction with the silane based adhesive. It is now possible to install and sand a floor in one day!
Full details available at:

2k waterbased moisture barrier –
2k moisture barrier system. After mixing the product  it is applied and left over night to cure. results in moisture barrier till 2CM.

V-stop – a extremely high density moisture barrier 100% solids used to stop the movement of vapour and moisture through the floor slab, which may affect floor coatings and adhesives. Can be used on fresh concrete.

Cement and waterproofing

With the introduction of engineered flooring, the need for decent and proper substrates has increased dramatically. With not every cement slab been up to standard. We have introduced a range of quality self leveling cement screeds which are both quick and economical.

Screeds systems –

a full super smooth self leveling cement screed. Ideal for vynil floor applications.  25-28mpa – extremely smooth and quick drying

Superscreed – a cement screed – rake leveled cost effective and easy to use. Ideal for eng flooring applications.

Waterproof cement –sureproof a 2 coat application, membrane free cement waterproofing system. For those problematic floors.


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