Super glue – cyanoacrylates

We stock a variety of cyanoacrylates in various viscosities and formula’s to suit many industries
Uses:  wood turning, rubber gaskets, finishing services, packaging. And many more
W20, v100 , v300

Methacrylic adhesives

Quick curing – 4-5 min used in various industries and able to bond various materials and plastics.
Designed for structural bonding in signage, boatbuilding ,construction
Anaerobic adhesives

Quick curing – 4-5 min used in various industries and able to bond various materials and plastics
Uses : boat building, display materials. Hobbies
Hot melts

Bondstick stocks a selection of hot melts used in the packaging trade.
This will include regular glue stick. Mini glue stick. Hot melt slugs. And PSA hot melts. Depending on your need and facilities as well as edge banding hot melts
Uses: carton closing, display systems. Fruit packing, food packaging, edge banding. Air filter manufacturing.

PSA hotmelts – pressure sensitive hotmelts used in labelling and food packaging  
PUR adhesive hotemeltsystem  - a specialized hotmelt system used to bond plastics and synthetics. Ideal for plastic packaging trade.High strength and quick bonds.  
Various specifications available
Stik tapes and butyl tapes

We are able to supply various stik-tapes and butyl tapes
dimensions include - 4mm, 6mm, 8mm diameters as well as 12mm and 28mm
Used for sealing ducting’s and piping. For vacuum packing and sealing joints automotive panels
And the movie industry as it Allows for temporary seals and bonds
Heat insulation panels and sound deadening pads

Our sound deadening pads are self-adhesive and easy to use and apply, packed in boxes of 12 sheets
Used to dampen sound and vibration in car restoration and panel beating, in door panels, floors and hoods.
Our heat insulation pads are made to order and supplied 1m x 1m used in bus manufacturing and car restoration.
PU based adhesives

We supply various grades and types of PU based adhesives.  Viscosity and temp resistance will be the deciding factor on which one you will need.
Some of the uses for these products are:

  • Shoe repair and manufacturing
  • Textile lamination
  • Pvc and vinyl based products
  • Carports, and truck covers
  • RIB manufacture and rubber duck repairs
  • Boat repair kits
  • Cold room panels

We also have a range of 2 part polyurethane adhesives.

  • Used in manufacturing of cold rooms and refrigerated trucks
  • Fiberglass panelling
  • Installation of wooden and laminated flooring
We have Adhesives for the following applications

Automotive: Truck linings / joint sealants/brake pads/panel construction/upholstery

Building & Construction: waterproofing systems / joint sealants / flooring systems / primers / structural wood adhesives. 

Coated fabrics: textile adhesives / conveyor belt coatings / fabric -backed sheeting/ lamination

Electrical: encapsulation

Engineered components: structural panels, coatings and adhesives

Food : packaging / joint sealants/ coatings

Mining & Quarrying: conveyor rollers / pump linings / acid resistant coatings [spray and brush coat] abrasion resistant spray on liners / corrosion resistant paint coatings /acid resistant coatings

Oil, Chemical & Marine: corrosion resistant pipeline coatings / abrasion resistant pipe coatings. Conveyor adhesives/ release agents

Water and sewage: potable water rigid polyurethane primer less coatings / waterproofing systems

Recreational: floor coatings for cement and wooden floor coatings

Shoe industry: shoe repairs, and shoe adhesives

Advertising: vinyl adhesives and panel construction/ digital print protective coatings / doming resins

Furniture: non -structural adhesives / coatings / stains/ primers.

Motor home building: single and two component adhesives / coatings.

Water based adhesives

PVA’s and Eva based adhesives available, for various applications
Product Finishing, magazine insert applications, book binding, packaging, padding compound, core glue.Hollow door manufacturing , foil wrapping for kitchen doors.