Silicones and sealants

Bondstick stock a wide range of silicones and polyurethane products
Some of our products are the following

Polyurethane products

Polyurethane products are characterised by the reputation for bonding very well to most surfaces. And having the ability to flex and expand.

Uses:  adhesion of metals wood fiberglass ceramic rubbers and some plastics. Used for wooden floors and in various expansions joints
Panel manufacturing, wooden floor installations, automotive sealants , deck caulking , gasket sealants ,bus manufacturing ,
We have 1 part low modules and high modulesversions. Expansion joints, sealing, sanitary, deck caulking, boat building, aircraft construction, wooden floor installations.

These products Come in various forms- high and low modules, various curing times and different shoreness strengths.

•             used in various applications for bonding metals - woods - fibreglass and expansion joints
•             Paintable
•             Available in various colours

We stock a variety of specified polyurethanes in various colours

Silicone sealants

Silicones are available in various colours and forms, from normal run of the mill household silicones to neutral cures, and structural glazing. As well has gasket and fire sealants.

Uses: to seal joints and bond various substrates. Standard grades of silicone supplied in various colours. Used in Sanitary, kitchens, mirrors.

Specialized slicones: We have fire sealants

                                 Structural glazing silicones – for double glazing and glass installation ,

                                 Gasket sealants

We also stock more common silicones…. neutral curesilicones , and regular silicones, mirror-fix, structural glazing silicones. No nails

High tack sealants – and extreme high tack quick grab adhesive, ideal for panelling and skirting’s or vertical applications. Results after 2-3 min