Upholstery trade

We supply a various grades of adhesives and Contact adhesives for the upholstery trade. Both neoprenes based / polychloroprene based contacts.

Some of the applications they are used for are:

  • spray grade- bus and automotive interiors, roof linings, upholstery and textile laminating
  • Roller grade – Formica and kitchen manufacturing, paneling , wetsuit manufacturing and making of insulation materials
  • Brush grade - Leather bonding, shoe trade, fabric bonding, motor vehicle and bus construction. Vehicle interiors

We also have a selection of water based adhesives contacts the market for water based adhesives has expanded in the last 5 years as the demand for environmental products grows. We have a range of water based products, contacts and 2k systems for various trades and applications.

  • Foam to foam P25.wb. and 2k systems foam adhesives
  • A non- flammable, spray able contact adhesive used extensively in the upholstery and packaging trade
  • Available in different colors and packed to customers’ requirements
  • Safe and easy to use

Foam to foam adhesive - A non-flammable spray application adhesive used extensively in the upholstery trade. Extreme high tack and quick drying
Also stocked:

  • PVA Wood glues
  • PU waterproof wood glue
  • Water based coatings and sealers