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Who we are

Bondstick was est. in 1996. after 25 years of working for large adhesive companies Michael and his wife Anne decided to go out on their own and offer the trade a service that is unique when it comes to the adhesives and coatings industry — a business based on service for the customer – 22 years later we at Bondstick still offer the customer a truly complete solution were the customers need is the focus!

At Bondstick we pride ourselves on our service and customer relationships, we have always and will always make that the focus of our business. We strive to meet all our customers’ needs and offer them a complete service of product and technical advice!

When dealing with Bondstick, customers are always guaranteed honest sound advice no matter how big or small their problem is we deal with people doing DIY jobs to large manufacturers trying to meet deadlines7

The advice we are able to give you comes from the 30 years plus, that Michael has built up in the adhesive industry with companies like Bostick, Genkem, Everite, Brooklyn Chemicals. And then passed onto the team led by his son Anthony.

Bondstick started off supplying the trade with adhesive basics like contact adhesives, silicones sealers etc etc after some time, we branched out into polyurethanes as well as a wide range of joinery specific adhesives such as urea-formaldehyde, phenol resins, MUF resins D3,D2 wood glues and in 2017 we were able to supply a SATAS approved PU adhesive. Our range of adhesives has expanded to approximately 200 different products.

We also supply an ever-growing range of wood treatments for all aspects of wood from raw timber treatment right down to wood stains; a very large part of our business is the hardwood floor trade. We supply a large number of professional floor sanders and the public a wide variety of wooden floor sealers and advice as well as importing a range of sanding equipment from Sweden that is dustless.

The Bondstick Team


After 20 years our product list has expanded to the point that we are confident we are able to for fill any requirement.

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