General Adhesives


W20 - low viscosity quick dry – multi uses, used by wood turners and wood working

EPDM - specialized for rubber applications – gaskets etc

V100 - medium viscosity. multi-purpose

V300 - high viscosity – slower cure, suited for plastics and assembly

Super Glue Accelerator – a aerosol spray to speed up curing of Cyanoacrylates


118 butyl tape for seam sealing and bonding – in various sizes and dimensions. We are able to supply various stik-tapes and butyl tapes. Dimensions include – 4mm, 6mm, 8mm diameters as well as 12mm and 28mm. Used for sealing ducting’s and piping. For vacuum packing and sealing joints automotive panels and the movie industry as it allows for temporary seals and bonds.


An acoustic control product used in various applications – sold in boxes of 12 sheets with self-adhesive. Used to dampen sound and vibration in car restoration and panel beating, in door panels, floors and hoods.


We supply various grades and types of PU based adhesives. Viscosity and temp resistance will be the deciding factor on which one you will need. Some of the uses for these products are:

  • Shoe repair and manufacturing
  • Textile lamination
  • Bonding of PVC and Vinyl – truck linings and covers, tents and boating, dam linings
  • Carports, and truck covers
  • RIB manufacture and rubber duck repairs
  • Boat repair kits
  • Cold room panels

We also have a range of 2-part polyurethane adhesives.

  • Used in manufacturing of cold rooms and refrigerated trucks
  • Fiberglass panelling
  • Installation of wooden and laminated flooring
  • Manufacturing and bonding of various laminations

Waterbased adhesives for various applications.

Some applications include the following

Product Finishing, magazine insert applications, book binding, packaging, padding compound,. Hollow door manufacturing, foil wrapping for kitchen doors.

Quick set and hand or machine apply-able. Paper bag closing

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