Joinery Adhesives

Bondstick has built a reputation on supplying the joinery industry with quality adhesives for more than 24yrs, We are able to supply structural and non-structural classes’ adhesives. For every size of operation.

Our structural adhesives are all SABS approved and batched tested. with SATAS certification

Structural Adhesives

MUF resin system


310 resin is a liquid aminoplastic resin, which is used with SI 360 hardener as a glue to finger joint soft or hardwood. This liquid - liquid adhesive system is pre-mixed and can be applied either manually or mechanically. The adhesive has been tested an approved to be used under ambient conditions in excess of 3 ºC (Ten-E test report number 13-15095).


SI 310 resin is a liquid amino plastic resin, which is used with SI 372 hardener and SI120 Filler as a cold curing adhesive system for structural timber lamination where gap filling is required. The system can be used for glue line thicknesses up to 1.25mm.

Non-Structural Adhesives

P600 1 Part moisture cure waterproof Adhesive.

P600 is a solvent –free urethane prepolymer terminated with isocyanate groups, which allows excellent adhesion to various substrata. The product is a high-performance adhesive, which cures by reaction with moisture contained in the atmosphere. Although P600 will yellow on ageing, the material is water and weather proof.

IQV 160 D3

is a water resistant one-part PVA wood adhesive which satisfies the requirements for water resistance as laid down in DIN specification 68603, service category D3. The dried film of 160 has very low water uptake upon immersion in water and does not re-emulsify. the glue line is clear and quick setting. versatile and produced with the best raw materials. not filled.

IQU 130 D2

Is a Polyvinyl Acetate emulsion adhesive. It is a high-quality product producing reliable performance. Designed mainly for use on hardwoods and will also produce excellent results on soft woods and various composition boards. This product should be used where quality of the finished product is the major consideration. Dried adhesive will produce a clear glue line.


UF resin is typically used as an adhesive in the manufacture of composite wood products such as plywood and chipboard. UF resin is usually diluted before application to optimize usage. Acid salts and other hardeners may be added to ensure faster curing. Used extensively for wood veneering, and veneer upgrading. we have a variety of hardeners and mixes for both large to small operations.

UF Powder Resin

UF81 is an Urea-Formaldehyde Resin specially manufactured in powder form for various applications in wood related industry. It is designed principally for any users where shipping and liquid UF Suppliers are a major problem.

We also stock a range of oil based dips and water based coatings for windows and doors – for color enhancing and sealing of joinery products.

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