Silicone & Sealants

Bondstick stock a wide range of silicones and polyurethane products


Polyurethane products are characterised by the reputation for bonding very well to most surfaces. And having the ability to flex and expand.

Areas of application

Bonding of metals wood fiberglass ceramic rubbers and some plastics to various substrates.

Also used in various expansions joints. Panel manufacturing, wooden floor installations, automotive sealants, deck caulking, gasket sealants, bus manufacturing.

Expansion joints, sealing, sanitary, deck caulking, boat building, aircraft construction, wooden floor installations.

We have 1-part low modules

  • Bond PU 25 – low modulus – 12hrs cure

All packed in 600ml sausages… as well as 310ml cartridges.


Silicones cover a wide range of applications, from glazing, structural. Joint sealing, marine and sanitary. Standard grade silicone as well as specialized Neutral cure. greatly increases the reliability of finished assemblies with exceptional flexibility, it’s ability to with stand extreme temperature fluctuation and thermal cycling, and resistance to a wide range of chemicals and environmental conditions.

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