Floor Care & Maintenance

Keep your wooden floor looking attractive!

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your wooden floor looking attractive for years to come.

The proper cleaning procedure leads to your floor looking great and ensures the lifespan of your very special floor. Not all floors are treated with the same product, for this reason we have a full range of care products for all floor.



This concentrate is diluted with water and can be applied on Lacquered and oiled floors. As well as vinyl floors.

Easy and simple solution for your floors.



  • Wood floor soap for 1 component oiled floors
  • Re-oiling property, refreshes the oiled surface
  • Makes 1 component oiled floors more resistant to wear and prolongs the intervals between maintenance procedures
  • Recommended maintenance after every 5th cleaning with Arboritec Cleaner
  • Available in white and natural



  • Modern maintenance for lacquered wood floor surfaces
  • Can also be used on laminate, vinyl, PVC or linoleum
  • Dissolves itself with each new application
  • Does not build up layers
  • Contains lacquer particles
  • Prevents the floor from visual signs of ageing and wear
  • Recommended maintenance after every 5th cleaning with Arboritec cleaner



  • Oxidative hardening maintenance oil
  • For maintenance and heavy cleaning of all oiled surfaces:
    – 1 component natural oils (Millic Comfort)
    – 2 component oils (Miracle Oil)
    – Hard wax oils

  • Fast drying
  • Good coverage
  • Low odour
  • The solvents used require no warning labels



Parkett Cleaner is a concentrated slightly alkaline detergent specifically designed for the cleaning of finished wooden floors and cork floors. It makes both normal daily cleaning and the cleaning of very dirty floors easy without removing either Bona Parkett Polish or Bona Freshen Up from the surface.


Freshen Up is ready-to-use, waterborne and specifically designed for the maintenance of all finished and pre-finished wooden floors and cork floors in both commercial and domestic areas. It revives a scratched and dull surface giving a newly finished look and continuing protection against wear whilst maintaining the sheen level of the original finish


Bona Soap is a slightly alkaline cleaner specifically developed for wooden floors treated with Bona oils. It includes additives designed to nourish the surface and replace the material removed during the cleaning process.

• Specifically designed for oiled wooden floors

• Suitable for both homes and commercial buildings

• Restores some grease to the surface

• Easy to use


Are your floors or deck needing some serious TLC without any sanding?

Let us renovate and revitalize your floors with no dust or sanding. your timber floors and timber decks, cork, vinyl and cement floors can look like new with our specialized renovate systems.

We are able to do a deep clean and maintenance coat to your floor with our new revolutionary deep clean system.

The system and machine allow us to deep clean timber floors – regardless of coating applied. To an almost new appearance.

We have also just launched our vinyl refurb system. We are able to deep clean and reseal your vinyl floors that are now looking a bit tired and need a refreshing.

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