Bona Combi Edge

Lightweight and flexible edge sander with excellent reach.

Bona CombiEdge is a flexible edge sander, with an easy switch between a 130 mm short arm and a 330 mm long arm. The longer arm provides superb reach under deep toe-kicks and radiators. This lightweight and highly efficient edge sander is also fitted with a front LED light for great visibility. For optimal dust containment, pair it with Bona DCS

Bona Flexisander 1.9

Powerful and versatile buffer for all flooring needs, from bare wood sanding to concrete grinding.

The Bona FlexiSand 1.9 is the core of a flexible and powerful system with tools and accessories to handle any kind of renovation challenge, from sanding down to the bare wood, fine abrading, sanding resilient surfaces, to concrete grinding. The smart, compact design makes it both capable and easy to handle. Upgraded with user-friendly features like surrounding ambient LED lights, a kickstand to avoid pressure on discs, a magnetic click-on weight and a backlit multimeter with better power supply information.

Bona Beltsander

Powerful belt sander with simple handling and an easy-start function.

Bona Belt is powerful and effective on any wood floor. It comes with two optional drum widths, 200 and 250 mm, and the customised cart makes it easy to transport between job sites. The machine can be disassembled and reassembled quickly, while the easy-start function ensures reliable start-up, regardless of external conditions. It has an efficient vacuum cleaner that minimises dust in the air, but for optimal dust containment, pair it with Bona DCS.

Bona DCS 50

Powerful vacuum unit intended for both dry and wet cleaning. As part of the Bona Dust-Free sanding solution, DCS 50 collects the fine and hazardous wood dust from all Bona sanding machines. The efficient fully automatic filter cleaning system ensures sustained high suction power. Its compact and ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and to take along to any job site.

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