Bona Edger

The Bona Edge is an extremely strong edge sander although it has avery light weight. It can be fitted with holed-discs or Velcro discs. It alsopicks up dust better than any other edge sander on the market. For the contractor’s convenience the Bona Edge has illumination and is also portable. Field of application: For edge sanding of all kinds of wooden floors and parquet floors.

Bona Buffer
  • Simply constructed and simple to use.
  • A rotating plate inside a cast aluminiumbody,driven by a powerful motor.
  • Handles and shaft fully adjustable in height tomeet the needs of all users.
  • Different mounting plates allowing the machine tobe used for many different areas of use.

The asymmetrical mounted motor gives the Buffer perfect balance, whilst preventing the torquefrom the motor causing undesired pressure onthe handles. A powerful vacuum, positioned on the shaft, removes dust very efficiently.

A perfect balance and ergonomically correct working position. Almost anybody can use aBuffer after a couple of minutes practice. Areas of use for sanding wooden floors, cutting back between coats, sand and recoat, distributing And polishing floor oil, and cleaning.

Bona Flexisander

Specially designed for wood floor professionals, the purpose built Bona FlexiSand features a strong two speed motor, an interchangeable disc system and ergonomic design.

Bona Beltsander

The Bona Belt sanding machine makes big jobs seem small. It is a powerful belt or drum sander in one with a unique construction with simple change of drums. The compact design makes the machine simple to manoeuvre and easy to transport and it can also be disassembled and reassembled quickly and easy. The Bona Belt has a very efficient vacuuming. The Bona Belt comes in different versions, according to your needs – that’s freedom of choice. Field of application: For sanding of all kinds of wooden and parquet floors.

Bona DCS Unit

The Bona DCS 70 is more than a vacuum cleaner. It is a revolution for your working environment.Use it for sanding without dust. Thanks to the two-step cyclonic separation and the unique filter design, dust is collected safely within the Bona DCS 70. It’s portable so you can take it anywhere on the job site and connect up the hose to your sanding machine. Your working environment will be cleaner and you can work faster. Your customers will also be happier and are willing to pay more for your services. Field of application: For dust free sanding of all kinds of wooden floors and parquet floors

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