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Bondstick has been supplying the timber flooring industry for over 20yrs with various coatings. With Micheal being one of the pioneers of the waterbased systems now fully in the market We stock a wide range of coatings for all your timber and cement surfaces. With 20yrs experience in the water-based market, we are specialists in providing the right product for your project.  Our timber coatings are divided into 3 basic types. Water based , oil based , solvent based. For more information on any of these products, please call us on 021 535 0056.



  • Elite 2K floor coating – this ceramic fortified product is ideal for your commercial and residential timber floors. available in Matt or Satin.
  • UV elite Elevate product is a 2K water based polyurethane coating for resilient floors. you can now overcoat and renew your LVT, Vinyl , PVC floors – call us for more info about our vinyl cleaning and renewal system.
  • Arboritec Spatter – a trowel on primer for timber floors – quick drying and provides a build during priming stage. Perfect for solid timber installations. No need to sand between coats
  • We also supply the full range of Arboritec care and maintenance products.



Our Nanolac Brand has been built over the past 12yrs of solid research and development with our Raw material supplier in Germany. Providing for world class products, produced in south Africa. Proudly local.

N10 Invisible 2K

A 2K Polyurethane water-based floor coating –produced with the finest and latest German raw materials. This is our flagship product. the product offers unique natural look and feel. your timber will look and feel like it has just been sanded. excellent wear and chemical resistance.

Nanolac 8

A 1 part Polyurethane water based product designed for furniture and timber floors. ultra matt finish. The product gives an extremely natural look with traditional film thickness.

Nanolac NV.2

A 1 Part Water based Pu/acrylic blend floor coating produced with world class German raw materials and technology. High solid content product. Natural appearance and easy to apply. suitable for residential and interior timber work. matt, silk matt, – optional hardener available for increased chemical resistance

2K High Traffic Polyacrthane

Water based Polyacrthane coating – in matt or satin available. A high wear and chemical resistant coating. Offers excellent protection and wear. Used in residential and commercial locations. Leave the timber natural looking.

Akrithane 2K pigmented coating

A water based 2k epoxy coating available in white and also tint able. Durable and UV resistant. For Exterior or interior uses. Possible to use on both wood and cement surfaces. exceptional chemical and wear resistance

Solvent free epoxy

A solvent free standard build epoxy system for cement floors. This product is roller applied and comes in various colours. Greys. Whites and pastels. Can be used in industrial applications and offers a solution for warehouses

N1 Furniture seies

A acrylic based 1 part coating designed for furniture products. A hard acrylic offer good protection and non-yellowing. Available in Matt and Satin as well as white. Can be tinted Effective and economical option

Nanolac Exterior waterbased system

Made from latest German water-based raws. This is a 2 step system. Application of our water-based Ligno primer for timber Uv protection and then 2-3 coats of the deck sealer coating Offered in tinted colours for more protection. Easy to used and offers good protection for exterior timber



Hard wax – exceptional product offering oil types look and richness. With better wear and protection. Offered in satin or matt and excellent option over danish oil stains. Easy to maintain and offers good long term protection


Vesting Oil

this world class range of oils is now available in the western cape. this product can be used on all interior timber surfaces as a 1 coat application or even a 2K oil system

we have 24 standard colours to choose from.

Danish Oils

We have a Danish oil range. the range is produced with Biodegradable oils. interior and exterior grades with unlimited colours.

Danish oil stains –

We stock a wide range of oil-based wood stains and primers. Extremely versatile and easy to use. Ranging in colour and solid content.

Used to stain or age timber. This product can be Over coated with clear oils or with certain of our water-based sealer.

Danish oil 100%

A 100% solids oil for interior use offer great protection against wear and tear.

Will be maintained with Satin oil. Can be tinted if required. Applied with a buffing machine.

Danish deck oil

A exterior grade danish deck oil for decks and pergolas. And other exterior timber

Increased solids has allowed for better wear and colour retention. Applied with buffing machine or by hand. Comes in clear, natural and various colours.



Older technology – but still works very well.

V4 Floor Varnish

A 1 Part Polyurethane varnish, quick drying and overcoat able – with great build .  durable and great wear resistance – this is available in matt, satin, gloss. Gives a more traditional look to your timber


A 2K quick drying floor varnish. good film builds and offers excellent protection and wear. can be over coated in 2hrs. matt, satin, gloss

Deep Penetrating sealer

A 1 Part polyurethane varnish formulated for school halls and classrooms, church halls, civic centres . great versatility and durability with easy maintenance in public spaces. 3 coat application with excellent costing

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